Destination Unknown...
Monday, August 15, 2011 at 2:57PM

Update on Friday, September 30, 2011 at 3:49PM by Registered CommenterBrenda

It is absolutely time to put something on the page.  However, I must admit that I have found some measure of comfort each time I would log on  to work on the "construction" and I would see this photo.  It was my first successful attempt at putting something...anything...on the site.  Truly I have no idea where this work will lead. I have lots of "vision" as to what this may someday look like, but it is the "what it looks like today" phase that I'm struggling with.  

I recall having that same exact problem when I was in my mid-twenties.  I could totally see myself in my thirties, a few small kids playing at the park, my husband, an attorney, spending his days in Court, the picture was quite detailed.  However, I could not "see" myself where I was currently at and how exactly I was going to get to where I knew I would end up.  Turns out that it was really a good thing there was a big hill obscuring my vision of the landscape ahead, for had I known just how difficult it would be to work full time, have my first three children (two during the first two years of law school), manage a household, marriage, friendships, and career...I may have never began the journey down the very road that would take me to where I needed to be.  

It would have seemed too long, too hard, too tedious.  I would not have had the faith in myself necessary to accomplish the journey that lie ahead.  The reality is, that journey is still on going.  I know now, at nearly 50, that my twenties and thirties were just the beginning. I also know that many of the best days are had during the navigation of unknown roads. So it is with this site.  I can see what things will look like eventually.  I am one hundred percent certain that it will be way more work than I ever imagined.  And, as is often the case for me, I still can't see how I'm supposed to get from here to there.  One thing is for sure...I can't get anywhere standing still.  I have to move forward.  It is the beginning of yet another piece of my journey.  I hope that many of my friends, old and new, will come along and discover joy and pursue peace in the everyday of life.  

The only other working peice of this site right now, beside the Blog piece you will soon see under Journal, is the Got 3? section.  Check it out.  That part was easy.  Though filling it in each day isn't always.  I still don't know how to show the comments, so for now you will have to click on the post to see them. (Only two comments to demand isn't too high right now)  It doesn't matter.  Moving forward, through things, through life...that's what matters.  

Ok...that being said...I would challenge anyone who reads this to move.  Move forward.  Move towards the vision you have seen.  I know that we all have those moments when we see ourselves someplace different than where we currently are.  It may be only a glimpse, almost like a brush of wind passing by, just strong enough to take notice of, but it was there.  You know it... you felt it, you saw it...maybe you even looked around to see if anyone else felt it...saw you "there".  The temptation is to dismiss it, diminish it to less than what it really was, to stay where you are because the hill ahead obscures the road, and you have no idea where it might take you. It begins with one small step, and then tomorrow you can take another.  Hey...we will take them together.


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